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Asian YouTube celebrity who makes random ass videos including some rap songs.
Guy 1: Yo, did you see that new video from Kevin Wei

Guy 2: What the hell is it about? That dude's so damn unpredictable.
#youtube #kevin #wei #nigahiga #fred #smosh #partner #rapper #asian
by iamAnonymous September 30, 2012
Heus is a fictional god named after Zeus, the Greek god of sky and thunder. This entity gives middle school students Hooters coupons.
Bless Heus.
#heus #hooters #zeus #god #middle school
by iamAnonymous March 27, 2015
Beaumode is a state of mind in which you're no longer in control of your actions, you're still awake, and your brain enters autodrive. A person who experiences beaumode does not have any recollection of the events that occured from the time they started to experience it.
Beaumode is a unique mindstate which can only be achieved through excessive overdrinking and mixing beer + liquor in your system.
#crunk #twisted #wasted #blitzed #shit faced
by iamanonymous November 18, 2007
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