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2 definitions by i_love_jew_fros

The greatest movie in the history of the world. If you are Asian, from New Jersey, Jewish, or smoke weed, you will definitely love this movie. But even if you don't, you will still love it, because it is the funniest movie of all time.
Cool Person: Guess what?
Loser: What?
Cool Person: I watched Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle twice in the past 24 hours. And then I went to white castle.
Loser: Oh.
by i_love_jew_fros August 18, 2004
Ben Folds is the love of my life. He is one of the greatest musicians who ever lived, and his talent on the piano is unmatched by any of today's crappy pop music. Seeing him live in concert makes me want to drop out of school and follow him around the country because he is a god and I love him.
this is a real conversation I once had
Guy: Yo, I was listening to the second track on one of the Ben Folds albums, and it made me cry.
Me: Which one? "Still Fighting It?" Cause that one made me cry.
Guy: No, it was "Fair."
Me: Yeah, Ben Folds is a genius.
by i_love_jew_fros August 18, 2004