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stupid shitty thing that some moron made up because he thinks he will get famous from it... but it wont work becuase ppl dont know what "code 9" is...
Bill: hey man u fuck your girl last night?
Joe: 9..
Bill: wtf 9 fucking times? thats fucking crazy man
Joe: noo code 9
---(by this time your mom (why the fuck is your mom in your room anyways? tell her to get the fuck out) has already seen the swearing, and the g/f, and chances are... she doesn't give a shit)---
Mom: ooh you have a girlfriend thats nice honey
by iNf3Rn0 December 12, 2004
greatest variation of poker invented. A game where players are dealt two cards face down, then 5 cards are dealt face up in the middle. the best 5-card hand wins. many high schools such as my own (TCI) play for quarters and loonies and so on. Also known as texas hold em or Texas Hold-em'
danny: hey free money petric come over and play some poker
jason: k sure
danny: yo chris watcha up to?
chris: doin my project worth 35%... its due tommorow and i havent started
danny: come play some poker
chris: whos all there
danny: jason, ar-
chris: fuck yea ill be right over
by iNf3Rn0 December 06, 2004
how danny wins all the hands when he plays poker, unless im playing becuase im not a moron like free money petric or pimpin paulicelli. used in the game hold em
(danny has a pair of twos, 6 high)
danny: i raise.. fuck it im all in
(erik has royal flush)
erik: wow it looks like you can beat me, i fold.
(jason has 4 of a kind)
jason: ill call... then ill fold cuz i know your gonna beat me
chris: you guys are fucking idiots... good job danny
by iNf3Rn0 December 06, 2004

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