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To have a boner, or to be turned on so much that you wanna fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck.
Just read the example...
He was gorgouse, she was sexy as all hell.
They wanted each other. In the motel room she pushed him onto the bed and slowly pulled his pants off. He simply stared at the ceiling and moaned. Having been turned on he had a huge boner, his cock was huge. 11" and dripping with precum. Her tits were swelling seeing his dick. After she pulled his pants and boxers off she threw herself onto his huge cock and titty fucked him. She got into the 69 posttion and started giving him the blowjob of his life. She pumped his cock, slowly but faster and faster, she stuck the tip of her tounge into his hole and he came. she licked up every drop while moaning. He was eating out to perfection. First he had licked around her thighs, getting her wet. Then he had kissed her lips in her vagina and then, he tounge fucked her, making her cum. he smiled and licked up heer sweet cunt. Pleased with himself to be able to pleasure her.
He rolled on top of her, getting out of 69. He turned to french with her, fingering her pussy making her orgasm she broke his kiss to scream with pleasure; "Oh MY GOD, MORE, BABY, YES, YES, YES.. FUCK, YES!!!!! OOOOOHHHH!!!!" She was the most horny she had ever gotten. He stoped fingering her to penertrate her sweet, tight, wet pussy. He humped her faster and faster. "MMMM, O, YES!!!, MORE MORE!!!! YES!!! YES!!!!! AHHHH, OOOOO, MMMMM!!!" he didn't want to cum inside her yet. So he slowed down and went deeper instead of faster. She didnt mind the change. He moaned with satifiaction. She orgasmed, and he pulled out the lick up her cunt. She flipped over, he analed her. He came and went faster and faster, making it pleasing for both of them. She moaned. he stopped. she begged for more "GET INSIDE ME NOW!!!" He smiled and obeyed. after he had his 4th orgasm he started to jackhammer her against the head board.

I can't finish, I HAVE to masterbate
by iHorny October 17, 2009

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