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2 definitions by iHeartApples

Slang term for Marlboro Ultra-Lights. Inspired by the slang for full-flavor Marlboro's "Reds."
"Hey man, I'm trying to quit. I'm down to 3 Platinums a day from a pack of Reds a day."
"Nice man, that's Bangarang!"
by iHeartApples March 08, 2009
Marlboro Lights, named for the coloring of the package. As in full flavored ones are Reds, Ultra-lights = Platinums.
Guy 1: "Man, you got any Reds? I really need a smoke."
Guy 2: "Nah man, I don't smoke those cowboy killers. I only smoke Golds."
by iHeartApples March 08, 2009