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Short for welcome back.
Person 1: Okay, I'm back.
Person 2: Weba :D
Person 1: Thanks. C:
by iHateYouAllx June 23, 2011
A "Sene" kid is usually wearing anything from hot topic.
They try to stand out with their bright, multi-colored hair.
Scene kids hate preppy kids and only hang out with other scene kids. They use weird emoticons like: :3, o.o, owo, o3o, xD and more. Most of them are obsessed with cookies and dinosaurs. They love Blood On The Dance Floor (Terrible band)and Black Veil Brides (Another bad band). Most of them are posers and just try too hard to fit in with other scene kids.
Typical Scene Kid: OMNOMNOMNOM COOKIES. o.o
by iHateYouAllx June 22, 2011
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