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To intravenously administer drugs to onesself.
I've been bangin' ice for the past 5 years, I'll be dead by age 24.
by iGetHigh November 06, 2007
A sexual act whereby one squats over their partner's face and proceeds to poop, but lets only a few inches hang (2 is best), and then drags it down the individual's face - starting at the forehead and reaching the mouth, ideally.
Seth: Did you hear Kevin and Evan did a dangling DJ in the bathroom at lunch?

Evan: Yeah, but I heard his poop fell off after the nose.

Seth: Yeah, the nose is always the biggest challenge to overcome!
by iGetHigh March 18, 2008
a sexual move whereby someone bare-ass farts in your mouth and then you blow it lightly on their nose so they smell it.
Evan and Margoliner did a dirty dragon.

Dude! I dont wanna hear about that...
by iGetHigh November 06, 2007

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