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2 definitions by iDonteatorphans

How do you make an orphan's hands bleed?

You tell him/her to clap until his/her parents come home.

Why don't orphans' play baseball?

They don't know where home is.

How do you stop a bus?

Throw an orphan in front of it. (no one will care)
Boy: Did you hear those orphan jokes?
Girl:Yeah, they were terrible I almost cried!
Boy:Thats the difference between us. I'm breaking up with you.
by iDonteatorphans May 15, 2011
A long felxible rubbery penis; suitable for up to 3 people to use at the same time.
dude: want to come over later and use my pantino.
dude: hell yes, im on my way.
by iDonteatorphans September 29, 2011