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The act of WINNING! with twins
Mike: Dude im taking these twins home with me tonight!
Paul: Twining
by iCizzle August 19, 2011
When one spends hours and hours of days adding the album art to their iPod or iPhone because they downloaded music and it didn't come with album artwork.

Then making sure that each album has the appropriate song in the right album.

Symptoms usually include countless hours of sleep loss, drinking dangerous amounts of energy drinks, punching people in the face who question your awesome skills of album arting, urges to smoke meth to stay awake to cure "the plague", then showing off your progress to everyone in sight and making them admire your work before you Falcon Punch them in their jealous face!!
AHHHHHHH!!!! The Album Art Plague has my iCOD feeling like a crack baby in rehab, atleast I only have 600 more songs to do, the 400 i have done only took me a week.
by iCizzle February 28, 2009
When you made french fries for dinner the night before, and get up the next morning, see them on the stove and decide to eat one (or ten if theyre good).
Man i love a good day after fry for breakfast in the morning i think ill take a handfull to work!!
by iCizzle February 21, 2009
When talking to a new person for a while, then putting them on ur top friends.
A: Hey whats ur myspace name?
B: {Girl} why?
A: Bc i just Topped You Off!!!
B: Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!
by iCizzle March 07, 2009

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