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Some of the most credible people in the world. They reside in Darien, CT and love to lavish themselves and those around them. Though not always true, they are almost always the richest, high-society folks who own more than one house, some boats, mansions, expensive cars and other luxuries. Those who don't live in Darien tend to be wildly jealous. Teens in Darien tend to spend their free time shopping for $200 jeans and drinking. Adults spend their time working, finding more houses and trying to figure out how to be better than everyone else. Darien is one of the richest towns in the United States. It rivals in sports with New Canaan, CT, which is equally as rich but not nearly as competant in sports or academics. Many celebrities are d-bagers, they reside in Darien.
Hey look, it's a really rich guy with 7 houses!
He must live in Darien!
Oh...he's a D-Bager-i love those guys!
Yea, me too they're like 100 times better than new canaan. Everyone hates new canaan!
by iAmADbager March 10, 2005
The county that contains many wonderfully rich towns such as Darien and New Canaan. Known for its ritzy homes, fabulous public schools, rich residents, gorgeous scenery and high-class society. However, crappy towns such as Norwalk pollute Fairfield County's should-be-spotless image. Don't plan on getting a house in this area unless you spend your life trying to impress...or if you don't want to spend less than a mil on a house.
So where do you want to move when you grow up?
Oh probably Darien or Norwalk.
Do you have a mil to spend on a house?
No way dude!
Then don't plan on coming within a yard of Fairfield County.
by iAmADbager March 10, 2005

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