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ripping off a male's boxers, slipping his dick into your mouth, brushing your teeth, and then saying ahh! becuase it feels good knowing your teeth will be nice and white
girl: ooh ooh me so horny ooh ohh me so horny!
*walks up to kaylon* rip slip brush ahh!
by i.like.big.bitts July 06, 2008
the act of gurgling teeth whitenner, aka cum, in your mouth while trying to say ahh! which causes you to mumble. then while clearing your throat to try and say ahh! again, you swallow wrong and gag. gurgamumblegag.
girl thinking to herself: damn i hope his tube is full! i need to whiten my teeth.

girl: time to rip slip brush ahh!

guy: my tube is almost empty!

girl: gurgamumblegag
by i.like.big.bitts July 06, 2008

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