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Not spelled wrong asshole. Actually its the act of gently putting your cock into a dudes asshole. Not ramming it in. No more like the french way of ass fucking. Gentle with a side of French Toast. So go fuck you silly faggot but do it gently.
The big black guy did it gently, he's an ass rammeer. Also he was blind and hates all black people, and i payed him 2 dollars and a promise to call him later.
by i.c.weiner February 23, 2005
The name of the singer for anti nowhere league. He had a history of fucking odd objects and getting in trouble in the process. He rarely bathed or groomed himself. This partly lead to them being banned by the bbc. So to be an animal means to fuck goats, ducks, cows, men, lewd women, door knobs, horses, etc...
My friend fucked my bed the other day while i was sleeping in it, he's such an animal.
by i.c.weiner February 23, 2005
The act of pretending to be hitler in order to exterminate all the fags of the country. Penis goes into vagina. So to participate in faggot genocide all one has to do is find a fag and hang them on a flag pole and put a sign up that says the person is a fag. So go my children and find some fags and make this country a better place. Or go to france and nuke them. Same difference.
There is no example, use it as you like.
by i.c.weiner February 23, 2005

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