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Launceston is a town in Tasmania.Tasmania is a small state of Australia that is an Island on the east side of the country.
Launceston is often referred to as‘Lonnie’or ‘l’ton'.
If you live in the town…you hate it and want to move as far away as possible
If you don’t live in the town…you hate and never go their.NEVER.
In this town everyone knows, heard or seen everybody else…and is usually their cousin… sometimes this is due to inbreeding.
People of the this town should be avoided at all times but in particular on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights when many locals engage in drinking and drug taking.
You will be able to identify the locals at pubs and on the street due to their holding of a ‘Boags’ can or bottle or sneaking a swig of the ‘goon’ bag and picking a fight.
Also, avoid the Mall. During the day you will be beaten up by young children wearing bandannas. During the night you will be harassed be christens bribing you with coffee to listen to their crap.
tourist.1. WOW! Look over there that person has 2 heads tourist.2 Thats because we are in launceston!
by i wish to remain anonymous December 06, 2006
to ask someone if they would like a durrie(cigiarette).
bogan 1:aggh...(swig of beer)...durrie cunt?
bogan 2:yea cunt, cunt durrie.
by i wish to remain anonymous December 07, 2006

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