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4 definitions by i win

Total ownage in everything. this means you're a pimp.
he's got this aura of chimpage
by i win July 22, 2003
14 4
A girl on IGN who is the target of much hate from prepubescent teenagers who will never get laid. Mostly from a board called the vestibule.

Due to many especially patethic posters who have saved her pictures to photobucket accounts, she is often called an attention whore despite the fact she seldom posts pictures.
Punk_Monkey owns you all.
by i win December 15, 2004
17 11
syn: adorable, cuddly, Matt
Look at matt, he's so cute.
by i win July 27, 2004
28 45

Not vanessa
Look at vanessa, shes so unbeautiful.
by i win July 27, 2004
33 101