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opposite of multitasker. much better than this lame-ass single tasker 4000 people think is cool, according to my inbox. what is wrong with you people. kiwis have been using monotasker for a long time so i hope it replaces this odious single tasker.

ok so it's not quite the opposite of multitasker, that would be doing nothing one thing at a time. kind of like my teenager.

maybe nonotasker is the next missing link?
my dad got really mad once when his lunch fell off his bike carrier in front a downs syndrome guy who just about PHSL. the orange rolled into the gutter.

my dad is such a total monotasker mate.
by i think it's mini March 25, 2010
chode sucking pubic hair.

latino slang translation: short and curly.

Eg: Shee was a pendeja bitch.

Eg/Quote: "I will see you in the lane, pendejo! NOBODY fucka with the JESUS" from The Big Lebowski
by i think it's mini March 15, 2009

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