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A place where people like to make as vulgar comments as possible, post their telephone numbers inviting people to have hot monkey buttsex with them, swear a lot, say random stuff, whine about how shitty their lives are, make fun of the US, and generally say whatever the hell they want without fear of repercussions. A general waste of time and a perfect glimpse into how stupid and offensive people can be when they're anonymous and can say whatever shit they want without their identities being found out.
I posted "fuck java up the fucking asshole fuck java programming assignments up the fucking asshole fuck johns hopkins's ghost up the fucking asshole fuck me up the fucking asshole fuck urban dictionary up the fucking asshole scheisse helvetti merde shitshitshit" on the urbandictionary.com wall.
by i sweat to drunk i'm not god November 21, 2005
to spray febreze all over you bedsheets and chair to hide the putrid foot odors that pervade the room

often results in even nastier smells of the odor mixing with deodorant
i febrezed my room so my roommate wouldn't keep on sniffing obnoxiously loudly and complaining about how shitty the room smelled. then, ironically, he complained about how the fucking room smelled like deodorant. febrezing a room is definitely not a good way to eliminate bad odors in the room.
by i sweat to drunk i'm not god December 01, 2005

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