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A scientific term used by chemistry students in certain cases:
a: you just spilled boiling acid down your pants
b: you just knocked the bunsen burner over and set fire to your pants
c: you just swung your arm through the bunsen burner flame and set fire to your lab coat.
d:you knocked the bunsen burner over and set fire to the teacher's pants.
e: you set fire to your eyebrows

Can be used interchangably with: ohshit ohfuuuuuck! fuck!
student A:- shitshitshit
student B:- WTF?
student a:- I just knocked the acid all over myself.
student B:- Oh. Ok.

student a:- I'm telling you it was like that when I got here.
student b:- you're pants are on fire!!!!!!
student a:- Are you calling me a liar?
student b:- Eeeep!

etc. etc.
by The dude with no eyebrows August 28, 2006

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