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the bonerphone is a closely related yet larger version of the skin flute. One who plays the bonerphone is usually female or gay.
person 1: "I can play two instruments."

person 2: " yeah, the skin flute AND the bonerphone"

person 1: Ha Ha bitch
by i hate liars February 15, 2007
Any salesman from the greater Sacramento area that sells:
A: thinge that don't exist
B: things they don't have or
C: trailer parts
God damn I hate that George, he sure is a snake oil salesman
by i hate liars February 01, 2007
A person that submits a definition when there are already a shitload of definitions for a phrase or word.

An urban asshat should always be given a negative rating
Bob: " Look dude, I made a definition for Donkey Punch"

Rob: "Congrats, dude you're only the 52nd definition, you fucking urban asshat"
by i hate liars December 31, 2010

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