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the bonerphone is a closely related yet larger version of the skin flute. One who plays the bonerphone is usually female or gay.
person 1: "I can play two instruments."

person 2: " yeah, the skin flute AND the bonerphone"

person 1: Ha Ha bitch
by i hate liars February 15, 2007
when a female holds and erected penis to her face as if to talk on the phone, making sure to lick the scrotum while doing so.
Lisa, how was your talk with my boner phone last night?
by uncle kim 69 May 17, 2009
An expression used when one unexpectedly encounters something especially stupid or ridiculous out of their control. The person mimics a ringing noise, pretends to answer a pantomimed phone and says, "it's the boner phone, and it's for you."
after finishing the hunger games series "Ring, ring! It's the boner phone, and it's for you."
by vistalover March 30, 2012