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GENUS : Fatmanmusicman(used to be Phlomis)

SPECIES : Fat looking dude (or Donut)

COMMON NAMES: The Fat,Sir,OooHHhh Fat Harry , Buzz,Harrisons Pharmacy.

IDENTIFICATION :Shrubby, semi-woody perennial or semi-evergreen shrub, to 2m high and 1m spread.

HABITAT :Grassy areas, scrublands and along roadsides , locals say during the day the beast goes to marist high to feed on little kids.

USES :Potential food supply for 3rd world countries for 20018 and beyond.
Mild relaxant often described as providing effects similar to those of Cannabis. Smoking fat give stronger effects.
every see a fat guy and wonder WHAT TEH FUCK WAS THAT , no it wasnt a eclipse of the sun it was a fat harry walking past.

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