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One of the most ridiculous movies ever made.
Brandon: Did you see Meet The Spartans yet?
Jessica: Yeah, it was 98 minutes of pure torture.
by I'mAnonymous February 02, 2008
Something that most Americans consider themselves to be.
American: "I'm Irish!"
Me: Oh cool, were your parents born there?
American: No...
Me: Grandparents?
American: No, but my great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather was!
by I'mAnonymous February 08, 2008
Can have various meanings,
In the U.S. it is usually used when something is cool and exciting.
In the UK it is used more to describe something not so pleasant, if something is gruesome and disgusting then it's sick.
The act of vomiting, feeling ill.
It's sick that we get Monday off school.

2 girls 1 cup is sick!

I felt sick yesterday.
by I'mAnonymous February 16, 2008
A great band with an extremely unique sound. A Muse song will rarely be confused with another band's song.
They have many different styles, some songs are softer while some get quite heavy.
I've heard from various people that they're very good live, too.
Muse are very awesome. (:
by I'mAnonymous March 25, 2008
Ass, not necessarily referring to it in a sexual way, although that's possible too.
Get off your tails and do something.
by I'mAnonymous February 05, 2008
Air conditioning, something that people in hot places love and worship.
Where would we be without a/c?
by I'mAnonymous April 27, 2008
An amazing word that can sum up almost any bad situation in a single syllable.

A bad grade.
Sam: Urgh, my girlfriend just broke up with me.
Soph: Fail!

I hope I don't get an F on the test.
by I'mAnonymous February 19, 2008

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