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2 definitions by i<3jasonmraz

Amazing song by the legendary Jason Mraz. Shows another side to his musical abilties-rap.
A person who puts a red in with his whites in the laundry thus becoming a geek in the pink.
(Yo brotha A to Z)
(Yo what's up B?)
(Yo what time is it?)
(Haha... it's laundry day! )

Don't judge it by the color, confuse it for another
You might regret what you let slip away

Like the geek in the pink pink pink
by i<3jasonmraz May 22, 2009
A hilarious game we played in McDonalds in Leicester Square London but can be played wherever there is a CCTV camera in the toilet sink area which can be viewed by the customers of the shop. One person goes into the toilet finds the camera and starts acting out charades while people queuing for the toilet give him/her funny looks. The other people stand outside the toilet and watch the person acting out on the TV screen. They have to guess what he is acting out like a normal game of charades with the added bonus of laughing their heads of at the people watching the actor.
Person queuing for toilet 1:WTF is that weirdo guy doing????Why does he think the security people would want to see him do that???Is he pretending he is riding on a broom???
Person queueing for toilet 2:I think he is playing toilet charades.Now he is pretending he has a wand!!!WOW he is a loser could he not think of a better charade???!!
by i<3jasonmraz July 09, 2009