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When you're taking a shit... a splish is a piece of poo that hits the toilet water and causes a splash, possibly getting various parts of your ass wet.
Ahhh that damn splish got shitwater all over my ass cheeks
by I M A Dogg December 08, 2007
On internet forums, the name for a moderator who is addicted to locking or closing threads/topics. Can also call them the Lock Ness Mod or just Lock Ness.
What was wrong with that thread about having sex?

kobefor3 closed it cuz it made him realize no one will ever bang him

Fucking lock ness monster...
by I M A Dogg August 05, 2010
Much like an Oreo means a "white Black guy" (black on the outside, white on the inside), a Reeses is a person who is black on the outside, yet brown on the inside. In most cases the brown is Hispanic, though it can be other races where the people are primarily brown.
These "Reeses" are very rare, there are many more White Chocolate Reeses seen around.
That negro can hop fences in a second and loves shanking people, and while both Blacks and Hispanics do that, he also speaks fluent Spanish, which proves that he is a true Reeses
by I M A Dogg October 19, 2005
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