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Yet another synonym for balls, nuts, testes, etc.
Elk: So that's when I fried my marbles...
I *whispers*: That explains why people consider you a woman, your balls are gone now...
by I M A Dogg October 19, 2005
An Uncle Skeeter is one who skeets while at someone else's house. Looked down upon as strange by many people, but most "Uncle Skeeter"s just enjoy masturbating in a place away from home, it brings more pleasure for them.
-Damn, I just found out that Sasman jerked-off at my house yesterday

-Dude, I knew he's an Uncle Skeeter!!!
by I M A Dogg October 19, 2005
It's fringe benefits you idiot.
-We get french benefits right!?

-It's fringe benefits dumbfuck

-Yea whatever
by I M A Dogg April 15, 2007
Simply put, it is an abbreviation for "Gaysian", or "Gay Asian".

Asian kid #1: AZN Pride biatch!!!!!

Asian kid #2: You're so silly! GAZN Pride!!!!
by I M A Dogg July 22, 2005
These are much more frequently seen than Reeses'. A White Chocolate Reeses is a person who is White on the outside, and brown on the inside (usually Hispanic just like true Reeses).
Not to be confused with a Weaner. While a Weaner is a wannabe beaner (like a wigger is with blacks) and tries to act Hispanic (Mexican) by trying to speak crappy Spanish and wearing Raiders jerseys, a White Chocolate Reeses is actually a white guy who lives the hispanic lifestyle and speaks the language well.
David, while you may think you are a White Chocolate Reeses, you are actually a weaner, sorry
by I M A Dogg October 19, 2005
Spontaneous ejaculation. Just cumming without the work. Usually seen in the form of a wet dream.
"Dammit I just freejaculated thinking about doing her doggystyle"

"... yea freejaculation is a BITCH"
by I M A Dogg June 29, 2008
In basketball, when you shoot an underhand, scoop kind of shot instead of a jumper style shot. Used most famously by Rick Barry in the 70s... and girls and little kids.
"Yo Adam, be a man! Why you gotta shoot grandma style from the FT-line?"
by I M A Dogg March 18, 2006

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