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{Un-in-vit-able] distinctively spoken different then it's classic ontologocial components. Draws upon enviting, as to envite someone, and becomes invitable to as refere to a propensity to gravitate toward some place.
With the final addition of un in front draws this word to a super sublime nature of awareness (not common to most, especially know it all spelling bee freaks) as to translucify the law of attraction, that is uninvitable. Un as a prefix is commonly seen as opposing to the main subject, in this case it indicates the nature of opposites attracting.
The dog could not resist the smell of the raw flesh in the garbage. Despite knowing full well that the garbage was a no doggy zone, it was uninvitable that (she) would over ride her mental program to surrender to such a tantilizing morsal.
by hyperKalum March 19, 2007

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