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kack means :-
1) from latin which refers to wiping your arse

2) means shit , ballshit , arse wipe

3) crap

4)tosser/ wanker
1) s/he talks kack
2) s/he's a bit of kack
by hycksos June 07, 2009
a gufus is someone who is half punk , half hippie but with

a geeky twist and dosent fit in with the norm and lives in a common ghetto with fellow gufus,

often identified with polo shirts , tshirts , rugby tops, jeans , trainers, canvas shoes , three quarters, braces , chewing gum middle classe / working class (15- 30 year olds) persons who lives on benifits and hates work.

common colours red , black , blues, tans , green , milliatary colours
short millitary hair cuts are common and well assoiciated with gufus's
two punks walk in to a bar chatting and sone spottes a gufus

stich :- ere hes a gufs over there
snots : o yea wat a freak
by hycksos June 23, 2009

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