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The act of putting your head between two pillows to muffle out sounds.
My roommate's girlfriend was a screamer, so I had to make a pillow burger to get some sleep.
by hwojciechowski June 13, 2010
A remark by a twat.
That sounded a bit like a twatticism.
by hwojciechowski June 19, 2011
A form of stress experienced in countries adopting euro. Euro stress stems from having to re-adjust to a new currency.
"All this calculating is giving me euro stress!"

Juhan found counting his coins euro stressful.
by hwojciechowski January 05, 2011
Throwing up involuntarily after a night of debauchery.
John pulled a vomit volcano in the morning. It was so disturbing we all had Iceland flashbacks.
by hwojciechowski May 10, 2010

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