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2 definitions by hugner

a best friend you wont wanna lose , who makes a bunch of guys melt , any boy she talks to they fall in love with her , a great amazing girlfriend , when Melissa gets drunk shes real funny , someone you'd have sleep over , someone who is lovable , some one whose most likely popular , someone who has an amazing body , someone whose beautiful but doesn't think so her self , someone you can have a phone call with until you fall asleep , someone you can text for days , someone who makes mistakes , Melissa is a great person you'll regret not meeting her or talking to her who gets their feelings hurt a lot , someone you can write pages about .
Is that your girlfriend



yeah she's Melissa i love her with all my heart

oh i wish i had a fine girl like her

yes , thank god i have her
by hugner August 05, 2011
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a girl whose a great best friend and very clever person in their own ways , who feeds for attention and has a huge butt which makes her powerful , loves to start drama and rumors to hide her problems at home , not a very honest person , and a bad person to keep secrets but if you need a friend who you can just talk to all day Charlene's the girl .
wow is that true.

no .
your acting like Charlene
by hugner August 05, 2011
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