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62 definitions by hugh jass

Someone who has an extremely large penis; an extremely large penis. Originating in Mooresboro, North Carolina.
So you got a hoolio huh?
by Hugh Jass April 20, 2005
A black womans vagina.
The sistas pussy looked like a purple winged bat.
by Hugh Jass October 31, 2003
one who is in love with both rucksacks and drawstring bags
"dude, he be bi-satchel"
by Hugh Jass March 27, 2004
the circle of different coloured skin around the nipple is called the burger if this is incredibly large it is a burger nipple.
my old girlfriend had burger nipples
by hugh jass October 02, 2003
Synonym for competitive
Sammy Sosa is quite a competitious baseball player
by Hugh Jass August 01, 2003
A sell out is some one who excepts a large amount of money, that they dont need because they are already rich.
by Hugh Jass July 13, 2003
to be in love with more than 2 people at the same time.
I heard Jon's golfank with Jessie and Liz!!
by hugh jass September 29, 2004