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To stimulate a woman´s clit by rubbing lightly on and around her love button zone. Not to be confused with tweaking, which implies more focused rub-a-dub. Typically you start twiddling and end up tweaking.
See also: no stinky pinky
I was just twiddling her a bit, but she came all the same
by Hugh G Rection October 07, 2003
a cock so large it drags on the floor like a mop.
bend down and say hi to Mr. Mopwanger
by Hugh G Rection November 27, 2003
Clarence "Kelly" Johnson.
Legendary Chief Research Engineer at Lockheed. This guy designed the p-38, the Connie, the f-80, the f-104, the U-2, the Blackbird.
Serious kick-ass genius this Kelly Johnson, not like the cocksucking Kelly Johnsosn bitches in this page...
These bitches dont deserve to be called Kelly Johnson
by Hugh G Rection February 17, 2005
a) A giant wave generated by an undersea earthquake, landslide or by a meteor impact.
b) Splashing of water in the toilet caused by plopping a big turd.
I plopped a huge one and the tsunami it caused splashed my ass all over
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
Achilles' boyfriend
It shouldn't be surmised from the above phrase that Achilles was gay, because he was also banging Brisseis.
In any case he was bi.
Ajax: Achilles, Hector wasted your boyfriend Patroclus, who was wearing your armor and a red garter belt. Now Hector has both your armor and the garter belt.
Achilles: What?? I told him countless times that only black garter belts are worn with armor!
Im gonna beat the shit outta that Hector dude as soon as I finish banging Brisseis.
by Hugh G Rection April 19, 2006
Any pair of thugs who are a pain in the ass for everyone else, taking revenge on the World because Daddy Saddam used to bugger them when they were kids.
Qusay and Uday are so mean becuz they miss Daddy Saddam's dick
by Hugh G Rection March 10, 2005
A mammoth amount of long, black, shinning pubic hair protruding from one's vagina.
John McDonagh's sister has her orginal hairsuite from 1980.
by Hugh G Rection May 12, 2003
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