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LaFF My Ass Off-oH My GoD
Today I got high and thought of a new slang "lmaomg" during when I was laughing hard for no reason. Therefor I decided to be the first person to define it on urbandictionary.com.
However, I found in fact I was already the 14th wannabe...
Then I started laughing hard for a reason...
by htp-rck February 10, 2008
This magic little word, simply means "(the thing makes you) think of sex first".

Thus, anything could be "sexy" depends on the sex orientation of a person.

For example, if a guy says "that shit is sexy" when he's actually pointing at an excrement (because according to another definition of "sexy", by FazzyC, this guy could just be a moron), then you can easily tell that he suffers from Coprophilia.

Though, when you consider a person "sexy", s/he is not necessarily always the sex object of yours at the time.

For example, your mom.

Further more, non living things can only remind you sex.

For example, a sexy car is not fuckable, but:
a. it gets you sex
b. you can sex in it
c. unless you are a Autobot
Life sucks, even the most successful man can only get to sex with a very few of "sexy" women he meets.
by htp-rck March 09, 2009

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