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1.) An individual born in the southeastern united states, usually caused by inbreeding.
2.) One who is racist, but listens to rap.
3.) Most live in mobile homes with all there relatives living only a stones throw from each other.
4.) They love nascar with a passion.
5.) Bud light is the only good beer and any other will be rejected by said individual.
6.) Some of the most religously backwards people you will ever meet.
7.) One with an IQ at or below 70, if a normal person is in a room full of rednecks, their IQ will be higher than all rednecks in said room combined.
8.) Big words usually confuse them.
9.) Believe in driving in lifted trucks, with oversized tires, and large C.B. antennas known as "whips", they think this is cool, but everyone knows they are compensating for something whether it be physically, emotionally, or spiritually.
10.) Most are high school drop outs, obtain a GED from a local community college, and work for below minimum wage for the rest of their lives.
11.) Think they can fight a whole army with a .22 caliber rifle.
12.) Are ignorant as an 8 year old child, they believe anything you can conjure up as long as you "Swear to God."
13.) Attend church on Sundays after a Saturday night of binging on alcohol, drugs, and women.
Look at that redneck, probably dumb as a bag of rocks.
by hsb08 May 25, 2010

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