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One of the most overjudged areas of the world, Highland Park is a small community in Dallas, Texas. Although what is usually referred to as "Highland Park" is actually called The Park Cities. The park cities are Highland Park and University Park. Highland Park is known for being more high- end, with larger homes and shopping centers. University Park, on the other hand has more upper middle- class homes which is a more popular neighborhood for young families. The Park Cities are judgementally named as a home for rich snobs and sluts, a description which is not at all accurate. Highland Park High School and the district's lower schools are known fir their successful scholastic and athletics programs. The school offers a great education but is a very competitive and often difficult learning environment because of the high (often too high) expectations of students.
Lake Highlands girl: I sure misjudged those Highland Park kids! They aren't all so bad!
Highland park boy: That's right, but I do hate all the stress we get from our school being so f ing intense......
by hpcc December 13, 2009
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