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A term created with intent to subtly pressure society into accepting homosexual behavior. Similar to young peers challenging one another's bravery or "manhood" in attempt to pressure each other to partake in daring activities.
1) "Hey, I understand if you don't want to fight him. If you're scared just say so. Everyone gets scared."

2) "Hey, I understand if you don't want to hang with gays. A lot of people still suffer from homophobia. We all have our fears"
by howtruthhurts July 22, 2009
A closeted queer that enjoys naked men in mainstream movies (such as Walk Hard, Watchmen, Bruno, etc... ). This includes not only male viewers but also the males behind the making of such movies.
Average dude: What is up with all the male nudity in GUY movies?

Movie Queer: You are so insecure. It's just a naked man. It's art.
by howtruthhurts August 18, 2009

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