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3 definitions by howm

an incompetent football team based in Melbourne, Australia. Devoid of skills and talent, it only attracts the most narrow-minded, lazy, boisterous, boastful and idiotic supporters to its club.
The club and its supporters are generally held in great contempt by the general population, including those who do not follow AFL.
How do you win a premiership?
play collingwood in the grand final
by howm September 08, 2006
359 172
proof that any association with the word actuarial implies boringness and morbidity.
Even attempted humour aimed at ridiculing actuaries fall short due to the blandness of the actuarial profession.
examples of actuarial jokes:
"An actuary is someone who wanted to be an accountant, but didn't have the personality for it."

"An actuary is someone who expects everyone to be dead on time."
by howm September 13, 2006
63 33
written by Case, one of the most awesome hip hop songs which just makes you wanna get up and dance
M I crooked letter, crooked letter I
I think I wanna hump that I
by howm June 17, 2008
52 31