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1. Similar to 'spitting', but occurs after vomiting in order to remove the taste of vomit from ones mouth.
James: "He's still going, he's still going" (ie: vomiting)

Andrew: "I'm just schpitting" (proceeds to vomit violently)

James: (sarcastically) "Just schpitting ey?"
by howlongjizz April 19, 2010
The specific length of a persons beard (or hair) which makes them reluctant to cut it off as they have never experienced such a length. Or, because they feel that their beard has become important to them, like it's their child.

Note: Often occurs in teenagers and young adults who are notoriously shit at growing beards and tend to cling desperately to any facial hair they can muster.
Ben: Man, your beard is disgusting!
Pete: Yeah I know, but it's reached reluctance length so I can't cut it off yet.
Ben: Gross.
by howlongjizz September 24, 2010

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