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"NCS" Is an abbreviation for "Nigga Cant Swim"
As obvious as the saying goes... That fuckin nigga cant swim!
We all thought it was just a joke until we realized Delquan was actually drowning... Isiah yelled out " YO! NCS! NCS!
by howhardcanyousuckyourowndick June 29, 2011
A mental disorder where your too horney to control your arrection. This usually results in a"Moose Knuckle" (Buldge) or worse.

- See "Moose Knuckle" for further explanation.
Boy- Oh little Jimmy seemed awfuly happy to see you today!
Girl- Yea, I could tell from his Red Rocket Syndrome... His boner poked me when I hugged him...
by howhardcanyousuckyourowndick July 08, 2011

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