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2 definitions by hounsfish

The act of barracading onself under an ikea metal desk with pillows and cushions for weeks, surviving on a diet mainly consisting of capri-sun juices and raw eggs. Eventually the person will return to their colleague's and family's bemusment some time later.
"Yo Jeff, Where were you last week?"
"I was Barracuding"
"Ahh yeah - I get that feelin' sometimes too man."
by hounsfish May 17, 2010
A mix of personality traits. Those of a douchebag and of one grimy motherfucker.
Man 1: "Dude that girl is fit"
Man 2: "Fuck off! She looks like a douchebag"
Man 3: "More like a fuckin' grimebag! Look at her dirt!"
by hounsfish May 17, 2010