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An OTC drug that fucks you up. I would not recommend this drug to anyone. From personal experience. DO NOT mix this drug with any kind of other drug either this will result in overdose and putting you in intensive care. Not only does this drug, when taken in large amounts, make you see things you don't know what's real and what isn't.It is very hard to hide thatyou're on anything when tripping on dramamine. There's so many side effects that are harmful to your body, you're heart will beat very fast and can almost completely stop for atleast a mintute. This trip will last about 10 hours at the least. WHen the trip is over your body is still going to need to recover from the amount of medicine you took. You might feel very depressed and like no one likes you. You might even want to commit suicide. Your body doesn't want anything to eat or drink therefore making you anorexic. If you do try this dangerous drug after your trip i would strongly recommend drinking lots of water and trying to eat regularly. The medicine drys your insides out and can make you dehdrated. SOme of your brain will be completely shut off while on this drug.
To stay away from all the harmful effects this drug has on your,ENTIRE life STAY FAR AWAY FROM IT!!!!!!!SERIOUSLY
Guy 1:man what happened to that girl yesterday at school?
Guy 2:she was tripping on dramamine and triple c's, now she's in intensive care at the local hospital.
Guy1:are you serious?
Guy2:yeah,they took her in an ambulance.
Guy1:wow that sucks i hope she's okay.
by hotyrhnf April 10, 2008

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