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An overrated actress who some men and by men I mean high school virgins lust after.She is the sexiest women in the world according to one magazine, but she's not even close. She tries too hard to be something she's not, says stupid things for attention, pretends to be a tomboy and pretends to be weird and outspoken like Angelina Jolie. She always has the same look on her face, mouth open,tongue out.She has had a nose job to get rid of the bump on her nose, had lip injections to have bigger lips, and botox. She looked better before the surgery now she's hideous and doesn't even look human. She has the IQ of a rock and her fans are some of the most craziest people in the world.
Megan Fox's face has went from cute to extremely waxy looking and plastic. Some women who are way more beautiful include Adriana Lima, Aishwarya Rai, and Angelina Jolie.
by hotterthanfox February 16, 2011

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