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To take a quick nap, pass the fuck out and wake up a couple hours later, or jokingly say you took a tiger snooze even though you really just fell asleep for the night (probably because you were too drunk). A tiger snooze is no longer than about 2 to maybe 3 hours, any longer than that and you really could just say you took a nap or went to fucking bed.

Friend: "hey man wanna come over and chill?"

Tired Dude: "maybe in a couple hours, im gunna go home first and take a lil tiger snooze."


Friend: "dude ive been tryin to call you for an hour."

Tired Dude: "sorry dude, i was takin a tiger snooze."

Friend: "where in the hell did you go last night?!"

Was Tired Dude: "dude i laid down for a second to try and take a tiger snooze and thats all i remember."
by hotnicks88 September 14, 2010

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