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A reference to a scrotum that is very loose and elastic-like. Could occur in warm bath water or any other situation in which your privates are very warm and stationary.
My sack is hanging out of the bottom of my shorts, I've got a serious case of Bathtub Sack.
by hotcarl9211 May 02, 2010
to ejaculate; other terms may be: skeet, cum, jizz, spoof, nut, pearl jam, and many more
I'm going to milkshake all over your face.

Shut up bitch swallow, and if you can't swallow...go ahead and choke on it. (and by "it" i mean my milkshake)
by hotcarl9211 February 15, 2010
1. a penis that has a large circumference; often wider than it is long

2. a penis that appears to be squared off at the head
Wow, look at his popcan dick, it looks like he ran into a wall while he had a hard-on!
by hotcarl9211 February 16, 2010

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