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2 definitions by hotcarl66

A very hairy homosexual at a homosexual orgy who runs around corn holing every ass that is available until he passes out from exhaustion.
Hey, Trevor I was at an orgy the other night and that real hairy guy Seth was a real rambling bear. He must have railed just about every guy there before he finally passed out from exhaustion.
by hotcarl66 May 03, 2005
A closet homosexual with one real eye and one glass eye. They will usually have dwarf like body features and smell like sour milk. They are known to use internet businesses as a source of income because they are to freakish to work in public.
Hey, padidle when I see you I'm gonna pop your eye out and skull-fuck you until your ears bleed you smelly little freak!
by hotcarl66 May 04, 2005