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Lots of Seattleites think they are victims of government or capitalism. "Look what you've done with my life!" or "How dare you impose this government upon me!" is their furious motto. They hang out in little revolutionary coffee shops plotting their next direct action or meaningless protest. Some may openly flaunt Communist badges or paraphernalia. Other Seattleites are ginormous yuppies so full of themselves their hot ego fog blinds their ability to see anything clearly. These people drive around in some trendy hybrid dick-ass car or bike to work (knowing nothing of vehicular cycling) making SURE they disobey every single traffic law possible while looking like a total spandex assfag. Then, there are the "true" Seattleites who were born here and basically think other Seattleites deserve to be executed. These are the silent urban trolls who will violently attack any innocent conversation traveling their direction. "You're not from here? ARE YOU! (motherfucker implied)" is a beautiful and customary greeting of the natives. Everyone in Seattle pretty much completely despises everyone else in Seattle for living in THEIR Seattle. Seattleites are officially the world's most pussified and temperamental people that have ever existed.
Hey hey -- ho ho -- Seattleites have got to GO!
Solidarity against Seattleites!!!
by hotForSTALIN April 09, 2011

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