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that which belongs in the basket-and-I stress this highly- if one refuses to put the lotion where it belongs, one WILL get the hose. Also, before placing it in said basket, it should be rubbed on the skin.
I'd fuck me
by hot sauce March 11, 2004
A person from India
You see that person over there, with the dot on her forhead? She is a poonjab.
by Hot Sauce June 05, 2003
For sure
Of course
"Are you sure you wanna do that?"
"Fo shizzle!"
by Hot Sauce April 05, 2004
sleep means "call me mireille i'll be lying down waiting for you to call"
mark: hey i'm going to sleep

mark's head: hope she calls

mireille: ok i'll be up studying...good night.

mark's face: =(
by hot sauce June 02, 2004
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