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The art of being super duper shit faced. As ripped is to drunk, ripped diesel is to super drunk.;
"last nite I chugged a fifth of jameson and did six jager bombs, then switched to redbull and vodka, I was ripped diesel"
by hoss guy December 27, 2011
"country" folk wearing John Deere / cammo or Cat Diesel hats drive around, usually at night in pickup trucks drinking beer or "poking smot"

If several trucks are used it is called a "convoy" and usually involves mud bogging / ditching and/or smashing and towing dumpters and stealing construction barrels. Or "the dip sign"

Best roadin' is done in a diesel pickup, with ball bats to get critters and mailboxes.

When you have several buddies in your truck you'll need extra spitters.

Stop to piss after 6 beers, and every 2 after that.

1 beer / mile minimum.
nextel two way"hey there truck driver, grab dirty guy of BL smoothies, we're roadin'"

"Get the tow chain. Johnny got his diesel stuck out roadin'"

"dude last nite I was roadin' and had to sleep at the truck stop"
by hoss guy November 15, 2010

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