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A host of male clubbers too gay to travel with female accompaniment.
"Hah, I'll bet that cock-flock will settle for a circle-jerk when they realize they're more pussy than those fat-crotched senioritas over there!"
by horticulture_steve December 05, 2007
A sex-position performed, perhaps exclusively by heterosexual couples, when the male clutches his partner by the respective butt-cheeks to command the rhythm of thrusting. Typically, the female's arms are wrapped around her partner's neck or head as if she were transporting a pumpkin.
Dave: "Fuck, my fucking arms KILL! Can you copy these notes for me?"
Jerry: "Carpal tunnel syndrome?"
Dave: "Naw ... I jock-bonked Stacy all night last night."
Jerry and Dave: "Hahahahahahahahahaha"
by horticulture_steve December 06, 2007

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