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when something someone does is obtrusivly stupid. It is often preceded by the word "utter". This word comes from the word moron. It is basicly the same as stupidity only funnier to say.
person 1: "Im going to tease that wild rabid bear with huge claws and see if it catches me"

person 2: "WHAT!? that just utter moronicy!"


The labour party's policies are just utter moronicy
by hoonstar July 24, 2009
to tardpoon someone is the act of which a wheelchair bound person is shoved off their wheelchair in order for the tardpooner to sniff/lick the seat for pleasure. This is known as tardpooning. A successfull tardpoon is one where :

There is maximum impact on the shove, (sometimes it is more of a tackle then a shove)

The victim is more crippled/retarded

The victim squeals/flails more in the process

The strength of the odour/taste of the wheelchair seat.
"hey you wanna go tardpooning today?"

"i an a professional tardpooner."
by hoonstar June 03, 2009
The plural of a moron. Instead of saying morons you would say mori. Similar to the word idiots only it comes from the word moron instead.
Look at those people running in front of traffic, what a bunch of mori.
by hoonstar July 24, 2009
The small area of skin that connects the lower underside of the penis with the scrotum or ball-sack. Often thought as the counterpart of the gooch, the scag is a typically dark, sweaty and often with a distinct musty smell, the scag is not a recomended place for any activity what-so-ever... Unless thats what your into.
"jesus christ it stinks of scag down here!"


"man, that is the greasiest scag i ever did see."
by hoonstar June 03, 2009

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