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Pronounced “frot – raee”
Pronounced “frot – raee” it is probably one of New Jersey’s smallest towns approx. 2x4 miles. Situated a top the Palisades, and separated from NEW YORK by the George Washington Bridge. Knowing Frot Raee’s proximity to New York will explain the type of people that live here. The general make-up of the town consists of rich older Jews who moved from Washington Heights when the Blacks and Puerto Ricans moved in. Next we have the rich Koreans (and other Asian persuasions) who’s companies pay for them to move to America for a few years and work in N.Y. offices. Then you have your general upper class Whites and their wigger kids who are spoiled and think the world owe them something. Finally you have your fast growing HISPANIC population that is migrating from Washington Heights which are pushing the Jews out again. Its “kinda” funny. The Korean population is about half of the town, I remember there being about five kids in my elementary school that were Asian by the time I graduated High School there were 105 in my graduating class of 225. HOLY CRAP!!!! The White kids think they are “gangstas” just because their dealers come across from Washington Heights. Everyone think because mommy and daddy have some money they can do whatever they want. This a great place to grow up. P.S. the sports program at the Fort Lee HS SUCKS.
by hookerFLHS January 19, 2007

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