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2 definitions by hoofadoofa

when a girls poofter smells like some gnarly ass fish. The worst degree in which a vagina may smell. The most vomitrotious scent possible
OMG DUDE! She was so bangin. I brought her home after the club dude and you'll next guess! TUNA PUNA!

Friend : UGHHHHHHHHHHHHAAWWHHHHH ( tiny vomit in the mouth) not the TUNA PUNA
by hoofadoofa March 08, 2012
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The lowest form of human, beneath the cockroach in the animal kingdom but can also be used in a funny manner to poke fun at self or friends.

Someone who appears ratty, skid dish, beggar, annoying, straggy overall un liked person.


Something annoying, bad, unlucky happens, embarrassing, awkward.
Example : Yo that girl was soo hot but straight up had a tuna puna. She smelled like a fvckin peasant. or english accent a bloody peasant.
by hoofadoofa March 08, 2012
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